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A django billing app for coworking space


Warning: I maintain this project 2/3 times a year.

If you start a new coworking space as a french non-profit organization, this project could help you on the first time. Otherwise, it must be wiser to use another peace of software.

What is django-billjobs ?

Django-billjobs is a django app to manage coworkers and create their invoices. It uses Django admin site to manage coworkers account, services the space is providing and manage coworkers invoices.


Account and Profile :
from Django admin site you can create, update, delete coworkers account and their profile. As Django-billjobs is using Django authentication system you can also use groups.
Services :
A service can be access to the coworking space for a month, a day, or whatever you want. It is just something with a name, a description and a unit price. We keep it simple, really !
Billing :
You affect one or more services to one account. It creates an invoice and you can download a pdf of it.


No tax management. This project is coming from non-profit organisation in France. We do not need to manage VAT for services.


pip install django-billjobs

in your django settings file:

django-admin migrate
django-admin createsuperuser
django-admin runserver

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